A new era has been launched by the Mauritius Makers Community (MMC). With the opening of their MakerSpace recently there are now opportunities for makers of any age to meet, to exchange about their projects and to learn about electronic circuits.

This new fab lab, nicely dubbed MakerSpace, is hosted by Generation Plus Ltd. in Vacoas. It offers several stations for soldering, for laser and CNC cutting, and of course 3D printing. The room layout is very flexible and provides enough space for casual gatherings among makers, as well as upcoming classes on the nuts and bolts of making things.

Laser cutting device at the MakerSpace - built from scratch

Cut outs are based on prepared instructions and loaded via SD card into the cutter

Talking about making, all tables and other equipment have been skillfully made by makers themselves, namely Yovan Fowdar, the owner of Generation Plus Ltd, and Eric Durant. The wiring and electrical installations are also home-made. The MakerSpace is literally what it stands for.

Flexible handling of tables allows meetings and classes at the MakerSpace

Check out their video on Facebook and get in touch with the MakerSpace for further information.