The Python Mauritius UserGroup (PYMUG) aims at helping Python learners in their journey. As all Python user groups, meetups are expected to be educative, delightful, and as per the PSF recommendation; geared towards hands-on sessions.

The line below captures the spirit of Python communities:

How can a Python UG help you?

First of all it's about growing together. Python UGs offers great suppport in setting up a learning environment to show the way to the wandering beginner and boost the spirit of the motivation-drained professional. Py UGs open the doors to mentorships and are a great way to give you the public speaking confidence you need. Businesses: ** wink ** , ** wink ** , UGs help maintain the ecosystem you've hinged your economic future on.

What to expect at Python UGs?

Python communities around the world are genuinely interested in sharing knowledge. Here's what to expect:

  • Presenters
  • Lightning talks
  • Code reviews
  • Display videos
  • Standard module of the month
  • Social Opportunities.
  • In-depth explanation
  • Hands-on coding.
  • Interesting ongoing works

Python communities have international guidelines and standards to follow!

What make Python UserGroups Awesome?

Python communities is a bright spot of achievement in an already gleaming set of positive points. Here are some tangible feels about it.

The PSF supports you!

  • First and foremost, Python has a foundation. A foundation gives a big push to promotion and events.
  • A mailing list is given for free. See our's here.
  • You are not an island, Python officially lists all it's user groups on a page. Wherever you are on earth, you always know where to connect.
  • Grants are available.

Care by default

Documented community guidelines

  • Python UserGroups have guidelines to follow. Right out of the box you don't have to think what and how to go about it.
  • The group structure is already defined: <<Find one or more people to become part of the organizers team. Getting a second person to sign up as a core organiser helps prevent your own burn-out, and reduces the 'bus number', for when you are indisposed. (on holiday, hospitalised, etc)>>
  • It encourages to get the word out. For example it has to this effect a special mailing list for announcements.

Spotlight communities is not a stroke of luck


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