Following the immense interest during the presentation at the Developers Conference 2017, Renghen was asked to arrange for a monthly MSCC meeting on same topic.

"Some of us met Renghen Pajanilingun for the first time at Developers Conference 2017. A lucky few also attended his presentation on "Programming Paradigms - what we got wrong". After his presentation there were calls that Renghen does more, this time if possible, a presentation on "Functional Programming". Renghen agreed and is willing to share his passion and experience on the topic."

For more details about the meeting please continue to read Ish's article on Functional Programming by Renghen.

Thanks to The Turbine

Our craftsman Ish Sookun took over the organisation and found a space at The Turbine, Vivea Business Park, Moka where interested geeks would be able to come together and learn more about Functional Programming.

And with a little help from Vincent Pollet it was possible to enter the premises and start the show... ;-)