Hi everyone,

Good news for our GDG chapter: The Google Cloud  learning team has just released another learning offer for the month of  June that includes a path to earning an Associate Cloud Engineer  Certification at a 30% discount.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up at goo.gle/gcp-certoffer
  • Choose  the Associate Cloud Engineer path. You will receive instructions on how  to enroll in Qwiklabs gaining 30 days of access and a suggested  learning path to prepare for the exam
  • When you complete the Cloud Engineer quest, you will receive a 30% discount for the certification exam
  • When  you are ready, take the certification exam ONLINE! Yes, no need to go to  a testing center. The only caveat is that the on-line exam is currently  only being offered in English

Note  that the offer also includes a free month of access to Pluralsight, but  that signup requires a credit card. Also, if you have already claimed a  free month of Pluralsight access via goo.gle/cloud-training you are NOT eligible for an additional month.

If  certification is not what you are interested in at this time, but you  still want to do some learning on Google Cloud via Qwiklabs, there is  still good news, because the offering at goo.gle/cloud-training will continue to be refreshed so you can gain an additional month of access!